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Yangxiang Company: Convening Women's Power and Promoting National Unity

On March 7th, the Party Committee and Labor Union of Yangxiang Company jointly held an activity themed on "Convening Women's Power and Promoting National Unity" to celebrate the Women's Day on March 8th, 2022.

(Employee group photo)

This activity was featured with two little fun games, namely, "Carrot squatting" and " Long journey of glass beads ", allowing employees of all ethnic groups to promote their relationship, enhance self-confidence, and promote solidarity, and fully demonstrating their excellent spirit of uniting as one and forging ahead. Apart from colorful activities, Yangxiang Company also prepared exquisite gifts for each female employee, making this festival full of blessings and the sense of ceremony.

Yangxiang Company is a big family, the employees come from 25 ethnic groups including Han, Zhuang nationality, Manchu, Yao nationality, Mongo nationality Miao nationality, and Tujia nationality, among others. Among them, there are more than 1,800 employees from the minorities, accounting for 19% of the total number of employees, and forming the situation of "Three Non-separationat the management level.

The Women's Day activity carried out by Yangxiang Company and themed on "Convening Women's Power and Promoting National Unity" this time was an important measure to conscientiously implement the various ethnic policies of the Party and our country and actively promote the normalization and institutionalization of ethnic unity and progress, which made Yangxiangs contributions to creating a good atmosphere for employees of all ethnic groups to live, study, work and entertain together, promoting the communication and integration of employees of all ethnic groups, and advancing the innovation and development of national unity and progress.

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