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Autonomous region party committee united front work department xu shaochuan to yangxiang company re
source:Wei meng
author:Yang xiang company

On June 20, accompanied by li xinyuan, secretary of the municipal party committee and director of the standing committee of the municipal people's congress, xu shaochuan, member of the standing committee of the party committee of the autonomous region and minister of the united front work department, went to guangxi yangxiang co., LTD for investigation.

In the lobby on the second floor of the headquarters of guangxi yangxiang co., LTD., the company leader huang dingshou reported to the delegation on the spot. First, video was used to introduce the operation of yangxiang company, the situation of targeted poverty alleviation and the status quo of agricultural development in guagang city. Then the delegation inspected yangxiang charity foundation, CPPCC member yangxiang liaison room, yangxiang party building publicity corridor, party member activity room, social responsibility publicity board newspaper, etc.


During the investigation, huang dingshou reported to xu shaochuan about the investigation sites and the role they played in the enterprise. Xu shaochuan learned from huang dingshou in detail about the role of party building in enterprises and how enterprises drive farmers to raise more income.

Huang dingshou reported that yangxiang party building in the enterprise gave full play to the combat fort branch and the exemplary role of party members, especially the party branch of Dr. Yangxiang, yangxiang has played an important role in the scientific and technological attack, the application of national and autonomous regional scientific and technological projects and awards; In terms of enterprises driving farmers to raise pigs and increase their income, huang dingshou reported that since the establishment of yangxiang company 20 years ago, with the mode of "company + farmers", 2.3 million farmers have been driven to grow rich, with the average household income increasing by 18,320 yuan. In 2017, more than 2,800 farmers have joined "yangxiang family farm", with an average income of 78,000 yuan. The mode of "company + base + farmers (family farm)" has been used to drive more than 1,200 cooperative pig breeding households, with an average annual income of over 200,000 yuan. Especially from February to may this year, many farmers lost about 200 yuan per pig when raising pigs, but the pig farmers who cooperated with "yangxiang + farmers" did not lose, instead, they could earn about 170 yuan per pig.


Xu shaochuan highly appraised and fully affirmed yangxiang company's social responsibility, party construction and drive farmers to increase income, and hoped yangxiang company would strengthen efforts, list as soon as possible, develop and expand enterprises rapidly, and drive more raisers to increase income and get rich by raising pigs.

The delegation was led by li yinxia, vice minister of the united front work department of the party committee of the autonomous region, pan hansheng, standing committee member of the municipal party committee of guigang and minister of the united front work department of the autonomous region, Yang yajun, secretary of the south Hong Kong district committee, zeng jianqing, head of the south Hong Kong district government and other leaders.

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