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The third PPT international technical seminar officially kicked off: professional analysts multi-an
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Today, the long awaited third PPT international technical seminar officially kicked off! More than 400 large-scale pig farm owners from all over the country have arrived in guigang to discuss the low-cost pig raising mode. '

First let's have a wave of meitu, let us feel the warm atmosphere!

At 4:00 PM, feng yonghui, a famous pig price analyst, pointed out that the pig market would enter the era of low profit by combining with big data such as the year-on-year change of China's pig industry chain database, the number of self-breeding and self-breeding enterprises in the market, and the profit situation. He reminds everybody to raise a pig according to the change trend of average price of countrywide lean pork type pig to go out the pen: different raise a pig mode to want to choose appropriate avoid danger strategy.


Tomorrow, the wonderful will continue, more dry goods will fall to everyone --

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