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The fourth session of yangxiang stock training course for reserve directors completed the defense a
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Recently, yangxiang shares of the fourth session of the reserves of long training class completion defense and the fifth session of the reserves of long competition for a successful conclusion.


Yangxiang held the fourth session of training course for reserve directors in the south and north respectively. A total of 43 students participated in the defense of the fourth training course for reserve field chiefs. All the students passed the defense successfully. A total of 56 students stood out and were shortlisted in the fifth training course for reserve field chiefs.


The fourth period reserves the field head training course to complete the course defense personnel has 43, through the early training course course training, the examination as well as later graduation thesis topic research, the defense, all members have passed the defense smoothly. At the graduation ceremony, the judges awarded graduation certificates to the students who passed the defense. At the same time, according to the usual class performance, examination, graduation thesis completion and defense, six outstanding students were selected and awarded the certificate of outstanding students.


Making a scene

By submitting materials, organizing evaluation, preliminary screening, on-site competition and other links, 56 excellent front-line production personnel were selected to be selected for the fifth training course for reserve field managers.



Yangxiang is moving towards the goal of "5 yuan cost, yangxiang navigation". With the continuous improvement of intelligent breeding equipment, in the new era, yangxiang will continue to transform itself into a "scientific and technological" enterprise to seek development with science and technology and change China's pig industry with science and technology. These are inseparable from talent reserve and training, yangxiang stock reserve field long training course has been successfully held four times, for the company to transport a large number of high-quality management personnel.

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