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Yangxiang’s fight against COVID-19 in Shijiazhuang| Get through difficulties together with all people in Shijiazhuang
source:Shijiazhuang Yangxia
author:Shijiazhuang Yangxia

In the past few days, the COVID-19 epidemic in Hebei has drawn attention of all Chinese people, especially Shijiazhuang, a large city with a population of more than 11 million. Daily activities of people in Shijiazhuang were almost stopped. In the most difficult moment of the fight against the epidemic, Shijiazhuang Yangxiang Feed Co., Ltd., while doing its own epidemic prevention and control, actively assumes its due social responsibility.

For the needs of epidemic prevention and control, Shijiazhuang City is currently conducting nucleic acid testing for all citizens in a scientific and orderly manner. The rapid increase in sample collection and testing workload in the short term is a great physical and psychological challenge for medical staff. It requires the active cooperation of citizens to promote the efficient conduct of testing. Employees of Shijiazhuang Yangxiang Feed Co., Ltd. actively responds to the testing requirements.

"Pigs need feed every day". Facing the challenge of the epidemic, Shijiazhuang Yangxiang actively responded and applied for the "Qualification for People's Livelihood Enterprise" to ensure the normal progress of feed production and transportation; and to help feed truck drivers apply for qualification for passage and secondary nucleic acid detection, reducing the driver's transportation process to ensure the safety of the driver; the disinfectant assists the customer who in badly need of feed to carry out the feed transfer so that that feed can arrive at the customer’s farm on time and guarantees the feed supply of the pig farm.

Shijiazhuang Yangxiang, while doing its own prevention and control work, is also actively fulfilling its due social responsibilities, donating disinfectants and other materials to Xipingle Township to help fight the "epidemic".

Yangxiang currently maintains a high degree of focus to the national epidemic prevention and control work, and immediately deployed the entire group's epidemic prevention and control work, requiring all employees to attach great importance to the epidemic, wear masks at work, cooperate with disinfection, and encourage employees to celebrate the New Year on the spot. Continuously improve employees' awareness of epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, strictly prevent non-work to ensure the safety of pig production.

Shijiazhuang Yangxiang hopes to do its efforts to win this epidemic prevention and control war with millions of Hebei people. "Come on Shijiazhuang! Come on Hebei!" 

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